David (‘Dah – veed’) Murillo R. is an award-winning Colombian film composer and certified gold & platinum music producer. Currently based in LA, his versatility has led him to score over 60 productions and work alongside singer/songwriters worldwide.

Most recently, David scored the music for John Leguizamo’s new MSNBC series “Leguizamo Does America setting the ambience for Leguizamo’s experiences on the road that highlight Latino contributions through culture, music, food, and much more in New York City, Miami, LA and other cities in the U.S. His composing work spans a wide variety of styles ranging from one of Netflix’s most popular foreign language show to date “Who Killed Sara?”, to 2016 Sundance multi-award winning “Between Sea and Land”, and the sibling rivalry coming-of-age story “Blast Beat” also an official Sundance selection in 2020. Screen Daily lauded his Sundance debut for composing a “tearful orchestral score that sweeps in at key emotional moments” and during his 2020 return, critics praised his musical representation of the two brother’s rivalry as heard in the film’s “moody electronic score [that] exalts the contrasts between them on a sonic level” (The Wrap) as well as highlighting the “raw and visceral charge [of the] original score to pump up the youth-driven energy” of the film (The Hollywood Reporter).

In less than a year working alongside singer/songwriters, his producing and composing credits have amassed over 90 Million streams on Spotify and 55 Million views on YouTube. Under the name of AGALMA his musical talent and eclectic mix of Latin Urban sounds, have earned him 2 Gold and 3 Platinum certifications for his latest collaborations “4 Besos” with Lola Indigo, Lalo Ebratt & Rauw Alejandro and “Santería” with Lola Indigo, Danna Paola & Denise Rosenthal.